Make strategy work

Strategy Force enables you to achieve effective and efficient strategy execution, that realises the full force of your organisation

“Without strategy execution is aimless.
Without execution strategy is useless.” 1

We work with you to connect concepts (strategy) to concrete actions and achieve the realisation (force) of your aims.


coordinated planned actions to achieve aims


the realisation of actions that achieve aims

Use the diagnostic to evaluate your strategy and its effectiveness of execution.

“A great strategy is worthless if it’s not implemented effectively”

Sports teams practice 98% of the time and perform 2% of the time.

Executives and organisations perform 99.xx% of the time and leave almost no time for practice. See the disconnect?

We work with you to ensure your strategy is embedded in your organisation and provide the structure to realise your strategy through delegated power. This mission command approach is supported by decision making skill transfer that encompasses silo-busting and extreme ownership. Decision identifies potential value, implementation / execution realises value.

Strategy Force is a force-multiplier that makes optimal use of military and business experience, allied to science.

“To change the culture of an organisation, change the way people make decisions.” 2

Knowledge and experience

Strategy Force principles for strategy execution are derived from the military (including Special Forces). They have been proven to work, as failure would mean injury or death. They are not academic, but they are underpinned by science. They are battlefield and commercial world tested and verified.

Radical clarity and brevity are further benefits of the Strategy Force discipline. The applied knowledge and experience enables bold, focused action.

“A decision isn’t truly made until resources have been irrevocably allocated to its execution.” 3

Mission Command

Mission command combines centralised intent (strategy), with decentralised execution.

The approach busts silos in the organisation and enables the power of a single focused team that has clarity on; intent, initiative, involvement and impact.

Mission command enables everyone in your organisation to take decisions that are in line with your strategy and values. It promotes freedom, initiative and speed of action; within clearly defined constraints. It enables and requires agility and adaptiveness.

Extreme Ownership puts responsibility and accountability on every individual in an organisation. It’s always the individual that owns the issue. Every individual must therefore work on the basis of good intent from the organisation and every member of it.

“The mindset of deciding must embrace uncertainty; the mindset of action must replace uncertainty with certitude of purpose: Let’s get on with it.” 3


Mission Command

Mission Command is a blend of classroom education and exercises, with outside activities that reinforce the learning through practical application. The result is that your strategy is put into action forcefully and coherently by the power of your entire organisation. Personal, team and organisation plans are agreed and monitored. The agility developed ensures that there is capability for rapid well communicated adaption in the face of; volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The approach throughout is stimulating and challenging. It builds awareness of and provides counter measures for bias. There is also input on progress towards capability. Train hard, work easy.

The approach makes people comfortable with acting with imperfect situation knowledge. In addition, they recognise gaps between intended and actual actions, as well as differences between expected and actual outcomes. The capability is developed to recognise these, then to re-evaluate and adjust.
The approaches work, whether decision, execution and outcome have a two second or a two year time-frame.

“Be the best.  It’s the only market that’s not crowded.” 4

Mission Command Advanced

Mission Command Advanced is only available to volunteers, who have completed MC and are funded by their organisation. It is conducted entirely outdoors and reinforces that decisions and actions have consequences.

Mission Command Extreme

Mission Command Extreme takes the principles of MC Advanced even further. It is impossible to convey the benefits; you have to experience it.
These programmes are an emotionally and physically challenging path to broadening speed and effectiveness of thinking and decision making, that will expand awareness and challenge the belief of what you thought was possible.

“Mission Command Advanced and Extreme make stark the process and benefits; as have to live the consequences of decisions.”
“Changed my life.”

Strategy Force bespoke

Strategy Force bespoke – for organisations that want to achieve even broader organisational impact bespoke options are available. These include; CEO support and challenge, differential strategy development, value mapping, cash / profit performance, brand integrity, competitive intelligence, leadership and followership.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” 5