We initially work with clients to establish a baseline. We analyse and agree issues.

Typically, we then work with the executive team, before spreading capability throughout the organisation. We support the learning and ensure it is embedded in your organisation. Our aim is to walk-away as promptly as possible having delivered autonomous force to your organisation.

Strategy Force only initiates programmes with the full support of owners, CEOs and MDs.

Diagnosis, design and delivery: The diagnostic highlights gaps. A tailored package for your business is then designed. 
We are with your organisation throughout, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, to deliver your business aims and objectives.

“People think that the follower serves the leader. But that is not true. The leader and the follower both serve the mission.” 9

Timely and effective decision making

The approach embeds; unity of effort, decentralisation, trust and integrity, mutual understanding, as well as timely and effective decision making.

The capability is developed to break inertia and prevent entropy.

“Great results can be achieved with small forces” 10